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opis funkcji

We will hire employees immediately:
- production
- warehouse, order pickers and forklift operators
- meat plants
- when unloading / loading containers
- greenhouses
- bakeries
- machine operators and many others.

Depending on the project, the responsibilities may include:
• order fulfillment
• loading / unloading of containers with tires, food products, etc.
• packing meat in foil, into boxes
• sorting vegetables and fruits
• quality control
• unloading deliveries
• sorting meat by color and weight
• work on an expedition
• cleaning of crates and stacking on pallets;
• putting meat and other products into the machine / on the conveyor belt
• preparing goods for shipment, etc.


• basic / communicative knowledge of English is welcome - depending on the type of work (we also have offers without language knowledge!)
• commitment to the duties performed
• ready to work for a longer period of time
• availability, willingness and motivation to work
• a category B driving license is welcome,

We do not require experience !!! We provide training and secure employment for a long time, also for couples and friends!


- attractive salary: all due allowances are charged in accordance with Dutch law (shift, weekend, overtime)
- weekly, timely withdrawals transferred to your account
- care of Polish coordinators
- good housing conditions - we have the SNF quality certificate
- insurance
- assistance in organizing all formalities related to departure and starting work
- commuting to work (bicycle or company car)

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Match criteria
Where do you want to Work?
  • The Netherlands
Education level
  • Primary & Secundary education
  • Secundary vocational education
  • Bachelor
  • Lower vocactional education
  • University
Drivers Licences
  • None
  • B
  • No preferences
  • Food
  • Meat
  • Production
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Industrial washing & cleaning
  • Metalworking
  • Office Work
  • Regular
Foreign Language spoken
  • Dutch basic
  • Dutch communicative
  • English basic +
  • English communicative
  • English basic
  • German basic
  • Dutch basic +
Work environment
  • Cold environments
  • Hot enviroments
  • Physical strenght needed
  • Doesn't matter
Hours per week
  • 40 hours
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Einsteinstraat 9b
4207 HW, Gorinchem

+31(0) 88 - 730 79 00
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