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Housing for labor Migrants increasing problem

Housing for labour migrants increasing problem

Posted by on 6 April 2018 | Reactions

In the Netherlands the need for labor migrants is high. In some sectors, such as the agricultural, construction and logistics sector, the shortage of personnel is very acute and companies can hardly accept orders because there are simply too few people who can implement them. Finding good housing for foreign workers, who often only stay temporarily in our country, is difficult. The lack of housing sometimes leads to abuses: overcrowding, unhygienic circumstances, etc. How do you know that you end up well?

Shortage of decent housing Currently, the shortage is up to 100,000 decent places to stay, according to figures from Expertise Center Flexwonen. This increases the risk of sprawl, illegal habitation, price increase and inadmissible treatment of foreign workers. The housing shortage is also driving the pressure on the local population. And that is politically sensitive to municipalities. For example, some municipalities are already setting quotas to limit the number of labor migrants living in one street and in one house. Other municipalities are actually looking for a broader policy framework to be able to accommodate migrant workers in a responsible housing facility in a responsible manner. Such policy choice, however, should make many more municipalities. Because in addition to employers and housing providers, the municipalities certainly play an important role in realizing more and better housing for foreign workers.

Not new The fact that there are insufficient places of residence for labor migrants is not a new problem in the Netherlands. Already in 2012, temporary umbrella organizations, trade unions, corporations, municipalities and central government signed a covenant to create more and better housing. In the meantime, steps have been taken to make this a more professional market, but the shortage remains. What's more, it is even on the rise now that the tightening economy is increasing the shortage on the labor market.

Why is it so difficult to create additional accommodation for this target group? One of the factors that play a role in this is that it is less interesting for investors and financiers because of the small margins and the fact that this target group is temporary and variable in size, creating a risk of vacancy.

Tip: search for housing with a SNF quality mark The 2012 covenant refers to the Uniform Housing Standard; the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF) ensures compliance with this standard. Hence also called SNF quality mark. You can safely see this label as a guarantee of a good, safe and tidy residence.

Flexcraft was one of the first temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands to receive the SNF quality mark for its residence. When you register with us, we will look for suitable accommodation for you. This can be a single-family home, apartment, hotel or bungalow. All our locations comply with the standards set by the SNF in terms of space and privacy, sanitation, safety and hygiene, facilities, information provision and other requirements and fire safety.  

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