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FLEXCRAFT is a company providing services in the field of (broadly understood) acquisition and management of human resources. Depending on your needs, we will recruit and select, hire and provide staff. A wide range of methods and the possibility of their combination make our offer the most flexible offer that is available on the market. We will quickly and effectively select the right and the cheapest solution.


At the time that the economic situation changes quickly, companies must show exceptional flexibility. Therefore, it is not surprising that modern forms of employment and outsourcing of the HR services are gaining popularity.

Flexcraft was established in response to the above market needs. In trying to meet your expectations, we have prepared our offer so as to increase efficiency and flexibility of employment as well as to reduce the respective costs as much as possible.

Therefore, our offer includes the following services:

  • Temporary employment
  • Human resources consultancy
  • Recruitment on a constant basis
  • Headhunting, executive search
  • Try&Hire
  • In House
  • Recruitment for work abroad


Temporary work is a specific form of employment, which is periodic and takes place between three entities:

- a temporary employee
- a temporary work agency, which an employee signs a contract with and which later directs him to a specific job, deals with the payroll and personnel services.
- a hiring employer - they are bound by a contract with a temporary employment agency. It is under their supervision and on their behalf that a temporary employee performs work, but in the legal sense the hiring employer is not an employer for a temporary employee. The employer only performs the employer's obligations to the extent that results from the regulations and from the contract concluded with the agency.

This form of employment enables support for permanent staff in the form of additional staff hired temporarily in case of extra demand for employees in the following periods: increases in production, frequent changes in the volume of orders, seasonality, absenteeism of staff and many other events resulting in increased personnel demand.

The benefits of using temporary work:

The flexibility of the company's operations that will allow it to adapt to current market requirements. Temporary work is an excellent solution in unforeseen situations, urgent needs and in planning employment in the seasonality of work and increase in production.

Focusing on the core activities of the company due to the transfer of duties related to employment and staff service (recruitment, selection, signing of relevant contracts, HR and payroll services).

Reducing costs and risks associated with employee turnover. Because of the use of temporary work and using the data base of temporary workers, the time needed to fill vacant positions is shortened. A candidate can start working the very next day after placing an order.

The optimization of the volume and structure of employment means lowering total employment costs by the current adjustment of the employment level.

The access to competent employees. We will search and hire (for a desirable period) well-tried employees with confirmed qualifications and experience.

The improvement of the company's balance sheet resulting from a lower level of employment with maintaining the same work efficiency. The cost of employing temporary staff is the cost of receiving services.

As part of the provided services we guarantee

Recruitment of temporary employees. FLEXCRAFT recruits and selects employees, both at the initial stage of cooperation and in order to replace employees, from whom the client resigns or who leaves the job. Recruitment is executed based on the criteria specified by the client.

Employment administration. It is composed in particular of verification and compiling the employees’ documentation, preparation of labour contracts, referring to medical examinations, keeping HR and payroll administration, verification of record files, calculation and payment of remuneration, settlements with the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office, record of holiday leaves, calculation and payment of holiday equivalents, registration of sick leaves, calculation of remuneration for the period of disease and issuance of employment certificates.

Coordination. Dedication of a person responsible for the cooperation with the client. Receipt and execution of orders. Monitoring of the service.

Settlements. Invoices will be calculated and issued on the basis of record files upon your prior approval. The list of invoices will be agreed with you.

Service. We ensure the replacement of an employee who does not meet your expectations. The person in charge of contacts with you will consider all comments as to the service and quality of work of our employees.


During the recruitment process, FLEXCRAFT supports you professionally to select candidates suitable for work. We provide our services using a detailed analysis of your needs in terms of staff, putting effort in to meet all your requirements and expectations.
As part of the provided services we guarantee:


  • Creation of a profile of the perfect candidate
  • Supervision of an employment consultant


  • Complex process of recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Adoption of tools and recruitment techniques
  • Analysis of applications
  • Competence interviews, tests
  • Preparation of summary and final reports
  • Presentation of selected candidates


  • Payment after the candidates are accepted
  • Three-month guarantee of re-recruitment

The recruitment process is carried out based on the following steps:

  1. Analysis of staffing needs in your company,
  2. Identification of the profile of the sought candidate ,
  3. Signing the contract,
  4. Editing the recruitment ads and searching databases,
  5. Selection of the offers,
  6. Meetings with selected candidates,
  7. Verification of professional profiles of candidates,
  8. Assessment of the predisposition of selected candidates,
  9. Reference verification,
  10. The final selection of a person who meets the selection criteria,
  11. Presenting the best candidates to the client,
  12. Acceptance of the candidate by the client.

Benefits of cooperation with FLEXCRAFT

  • The experience of FLEXCRAFT’s consultants supported by numerous previous projects at various companies ensures that the recruitment process will be conducted effectively and that the best candidates will be sourced.
  • FLEXCRAFT uses a broad range of experiences and knowledge. The client gets access to a range of services and tools that improve the effectiveness of evaluation of a candidate’s competence.
  • FLEXCRAFT has a huge database of candidates and can quickly reach the proper ones.
  • Due to their experience and skills, FLEXCRAFT consultants can find candidates who do not publish their offers on social websites or do not respond to recruitment advertisements.
  • Objectiveness of the decisions taken (in particular due to the use in recruitment of standard tools and assuming recommendations of an external person – a consultant of FLEXCRAFT), better control and transparency of organisational processes.
  • Employer branding – building an image of an attractive employer already at the recruitment stage – both in respect of candidates and the existing employees (recruitment is conducted objectively and not discretionarily). 
  • Efficient use of time and money in order to keep in line with the flexi


Using the Executive search method, we identify and assist in hiring the most talented candidates available on local and international markets. Applying this method works in the search for employees at all levels, from specialists in a given field (e.g. headhunting for the position of a sales representative) to high-class specialists, managers and directors (executive search).
A thorough analysis of the market allows us to find the right candidates. We reach people with strictly defined qualifications and skills, then we present potential candidates to our clients, as well as additional information on the availability of candidates on the market and their motivation.
For this purpose we use all professional contacts and available databases.

We warmly welcome all of you who would like to acquire employees from the indicated companies and / or positions. We provide comprehensive service and assistance. As part of the order:

  • we will put you in touch with the indicated candidate,
  • we will use persuasive techniques for this purpose,
  • we will conduct negotiations on future work and related conditions,
  • we will act as a possible mediator during direct talks.


Try & Hire is an indirect solution between temporary work and recruitment, which allows you to determine the ability of an employee to adapt to the conditions in a new organization, check their qualifications and predispositions. After the period of employment on a temporary work basis, the employer has the right to take over the employee permanently.

The main benefits of the Try & Hire service:

  • the ability to verify employee qualifications and skills,
  • reducing the risk of improper staff filling,
  • faster adaptation of the employee to a new job,
  • motivating a new employee by a perspective of stable employment,
  • minimizing the costs of employee benefits - recruitment, selection and the entire employment administration depends on FLEXCRAFT


The main assumption behind the In-House projects is the placement of FLEXCRAFT’s office at the client’s company as well as the delegation of a coordinator to its seat.

Due to the coordinator’s constant presence and observation of the company activity, it is possible for the agency to quickly react to the client’s HR needs.

Major advantages of the In House project

  • Current analysis of the individual needs of the client and development of the individual programme of cost reduction
  • Constant control of cooperation effects and flexible response to the client’s needs
  • Lower rotation among temporary employees
  • Adjustment of the employment rates to the current demand
  • Greater degree of identification with the client’s company, and therefore, a greater motivation to work among temporary workers
  • Better communication between clients and the agency
  • Shorter time of order execution and saving time and optimisation of the employment costs

Duties of the coordinator working at the client’s company

  • Analysis of the client’s needs in terms of HR
  • Supervision of recruitment and selection of temporary employees
  • Support in introducing temporary employees to the work positions
  • Control of work of temporary employees
  • Control of efficiency of work of temporary employees
  • Replacement of employees who do not meet your expectations
  • Keeping employee documentation
  • Solving any problems connected with the work of temporary employees


Our extensive experience regarding the execution of numerous projects allows us to undertake the implementation of recruitment orders in any industry and for any position.

We select employees for Dutch companies on the basis of the requirements specified by the employers. The aim is to ensure the highest quality of services at every cooperation level. Most of all, we hire employees with proper qualifications, which is a guarantee that we always have the proper people at the proper time and in the proper positions.

By cooperating with international clients our candidates get attractive job offers, experience and contacts that result in the improvement of qualifications and a better position in the labour market.

Our offer is addressed to persons, who are starting their professional career, and to candidates, who have specific qualifications or particular skills.

In the case of every person sent to work in the Netherlands, we verify the validity of their identity documents and whether they hold the Sofi number. If a candidate does not have such a number, the Dutch coordinator helps complete any official formalities to obtain it.

FLEXCRAFT offers a satisfying job at well-proven companies with which it has been cooperating for years.

We guarantee our employees:

  • Interesting job offers in various industries
  • Transport to the Netherlands
  • High remuneration
  • Good accommodation conditions
  • Insurance and medical care
  • Support of a coordinator
  • Transport to and from the workplace
  • Completion of any employment-related formalities
  • Help throughout their whole stay in the Netherlands


The proper selection of staff is a primary condition for every organisation to develop. People, their involvement, creativity and professionalism are the key to company success. The respective knowledge and experience supported by modern recruitment techniques allows us to fulfil the individual needs of your company. We specialise in the selection of staff for all kinds of positions. All candidates presented by Flexcraft take tests verifying their qualifications, fluency in foreign languages and professional predispositions. Interviews are conducted by a team of professionals that verify the content-related preparation of candidates.

Human resource consulting is a service that concerns:

  • Analysis of the employment of the client, determination of the employees’ qualifications and their predispositions or other qualities necessary to perform a particular job
  • Specification of the sources and methods of acquisition of candidates for the particular job positions
  • Verification of candidates in terms of the expected qualifications and predispositions
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