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Working for Flexcraft

Are you looking for a reliable recruitment agency? Call Flexcraft

Are you looking for a job in The Netherlands where you can work hard and earn good money? Sign up with Flexcraft. We are always looking for motivated people, who want to work and live in Holland.

We work in several sectors:

  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Metal
  • Technics
  • Food
  • Logistics in meet and poultry
  • Agriculture and horticulture

We have jobs where you will mainly be working with your hands in production, but when you're really motivated and have the right skills, we have several other opportunities.

On our website you will find more information about our selection process, what you can expect when you come to The Netherlands concerning your working environment, coaching by our jobcoach, housing and transport.

About Flexcraft

Flexcraft was founded in 1993 and has grown into a recruitment agency with over 2500 workers and several specialized labels such as Flexcraft European work support, Flexcraft Polska, Flexcraft Bulgaria, Flexcraft Technics and Aldivèr working and learning in transport & logistics.

Our head office, where we work with over 60 colleagues, is centrally situated in Gorinchem in The Netherlands.

We focus on quality, integrity and respect and expect our workers and clients to have the same values.

Who are we looking for?

We are always looking for motivated and skilled workers. Most important is that you can present a non criminal record and a good reference of a previous employer.

We have several job openings for:

  • Production workers
  • Logistics workers
  • Meat or poultry worker
  • Order picking
  • Warehouse worker
  • Laundry employees
  • Assembly employees
  • Technical workers like: pipefitters, isolation workers,
  • Etc.

When you speak Dutch or English, so can also work as:

  • Operator
  • Reach truck or forklift truck drivers
  • Job coach / team leader / coordinator

Selection process

Flexcraft recruits their own candidates with our recruiters in The Netherlands, Poland and Bulgaria. We also have partnerships with several recruitment agencies in all Eastern European countries.

When you want to apply for a job, it's important you have the right skills and certificates and a non criminal record. You can suscribe on: ... When you upload your cv, most fields will automatically be filled in. Just add your skills and agree with our privacy statement and your subscription is done.

We will call you within 2 working days for a selection interview. When you're selected, we will present our possibilities for working to you.

When we have the right job for you, our recruiters in The Netherlands will make the final selection. We can make you an offer and communicate where you'll be working and living and what your salary will be.

When we agree on everything, you can go to The Netherlands within 2 days.

Your journey to The Netherlands

When you come to The Netherlands you can drive yourself, or we can make travel arrangements for you with one of our partners in Transport.

We work with several touring companies, who drive over to The Netherlands. It's a 15 hour drive, so please come prepared and bring some food and drinks for the journey.

We will stop over for a couple of times for a short break to stretch your legs or go to the restroom.

You can bring 2 large bags, which will be stored in the baggage space. Out of respect for your fellow passengers we ask you to travel with clean and freshly smelling clothes / baggage.

Arrival in The Netherlands

You will arrive in our head office in Gorinchem early in the morning. Our reception team will receive you and offer you some coffee and tea. We will explain to you what all procedures are and we will take care of:

  • Registration / check of your personal data
  • Sign contracts and procedures
  • Issue of your safety means
  • Issue of your bedding
  • Issue of lease car when your a driver

When you have worked in The Netherlands before and have a BSN number, you can go straight to your house. When you don't have a BSN number, our Job Coach will take you to the City Hall to get a BSN number. Everyone who works in The Netherlands needs a BSN Number. After the BSN number is issued, you will leave to your house.


Our houses have a SNF certificate, this means the quality meets up with the necessary conditions. You can read more on their site:

We have different kind of housing such as: hotels, apartments, family houses and chalet parks.

You sleep in a room with a maximum of two people. We always try to put friends and couples together. Every house has a common room and kitchen and bathroom facilities are available.

Our Job Coaches visit every house periodically for a check on hygiene, tidiness and safety. In the hotels there's a concierge available.

We ask all our residents to treat other residents with respect and be aware of each other. When you don't feel safe or you have a complaint, please call your Job Coach or our head office.


When you work for Flexcraft, you have a Job Coach who is your main contact. The Job Coach is there for you and speaks your language and Dutch or English. The jobcoach can help you with:

  • BSN Number
  • Doctors appointment
  • Questions about your work planning, transport or your house
  • Questions about salary
  • Work planning

The Job Coach will also periodically check if you treat your house, car etc. well.

Please bare in mind, that our jobcoach also needs to sleep and try to avoid to call outside office hours. When you have an emergency, or have to call in sick for the evening or early morning shift, you can call outside office hours.

Because of the new privacy regulation, we are not allowed anymore to accompany you with your visit to a doctor.

Contract & salary

When you work in the Netherlands, you are entitled to the salary of the company where you will be working. Your salary is dependant on:

  • The Company Cao
  • Your age
  • The type of work you do
  • Your experience
  • The hours you work
  • If you live in a house from Flexcraft
  • If you need a health insurance
  • If you have any speed tickets driving one of our cars
  • If you have had any damage caused by you in the house or the car

You will have a contract with Flexcraft, and we will pay your salary. We pay your salary every week.

When you arrive in the Netherlands, we will give you your contract to sign online before you start working. Besides your contract, you will also have to sign for our house and car reglements and our general terms and conditions.

Work & planning

For the planning of your work, transport and housing, we use Plan 4 Flex. We update all plannings and changes live. You can download the Plan 4 Flex App on your smartphone from Appstore or Google Play.

You can see your planning live als all changed will be communicated with the app. This way you're always up to date. When you're ill of have a holiday planned, always let your jobcoach know.

You can find the app here:

  • Link appstore
  • Link Google play

When you arrive at our headoffice in Holland, we will help you with explaning the app.

Before you depart

Please make sure you take with you:

  • BSN number, the original file
  • Bank pass from the account where we can pay your salary
  • Mobile phone so we can reach you
  • Some cash for the first weeks
  • ID or passport
  • Drivers licence
  • You also need an e-mail address where we can send your planning etc.
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